Centre d'Analyse, de Modélisation et de Prévision Économique d’Haïti


Societies, people and institutions continuously face the problem of choice among alternative uses of scarce resources, in order to achieve individual or collective goals. Given the complexity of the economic environment and the uncertainty or ambiguity on its future direction, decision making becomes increasingly a risky business. The natural environment, people’s quality of life, firm’s performance, current and future collective welfare and progress can be easily affected by judgemental errors. Since Tinbergen et Klein, economic modelling represents a vital instrument for decision making in societies.  The models, these intellectual constructions, employed to design, study and solve concrete individual and collective issues, have become a standard. To be successfully implemented and adopted, their solution, predictions and even their methodological approach, require validation and continuous improvement, performed by a community of experts and researchers. In industrialised economies, government, large corporations, the university and independent research centers, largely intervene in such scientific production and contributions that provides guidance for public policy, business strategic management and insights for public debates on topics related to economic challenges and prospects.

Since half a century, developing countries struggle to adopt models mainly recommended or suggested by IMF or The World Bank. Nevertheless, the adequacy of such models, originally designed from the standpoint of a developed society, is fragilized by institutional and cultural specificities of these countries.  Moreover, new generation of models trend feature very complex mathematical structures, requiring more time, expertise and experience, in order to study, validate and contextualize.

Our research department commits to cooperating with key players in Haiti, in order to develop the necessary framework and the culture required to develop and improve theoretical tools, methodologies and techniques for better rational decision making and practices in the Haitian society.  We commit to keeping going relevant public debates supported by valuable research, conducted in collaboration with all the stakeholders. Our consulting group develops consulting services in the fields of investments prioritization, projects management, demand modelling, policy impact assessment, addressing specificities of Haiti.

Risk Management

Une entreprise est exposée à un ensemble de risques macroéconomiques, sectoriels, internes qui peuvent compromettre sa survie ou prospérité. Le risque est comme la probabilité d’un scénario simple ou complexe ainsi que ses incidences sur le fonctionnement de l’organisation. La gestion des risques est l’utilisation de protocoles, méthodologies et techniques pour identifier, mesurer, et planifier sur la base ces risques. La gestion de risque est source de préservation du patrimoine et de la stabilité du revenus. et auront une façon plus rentable de les traiter. Nos experts, vous accompagneront à mettre en place et améliorer votre processus de gestion de risques.Établir le profil de risque de votre organisation, Mesurer avec minutie ces risques, modéliser leur interdépendances et choisir les mesures préventives les plus efficientes.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence implies effort to achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency with corporate preocesses and strategies focusing on competitiveness. In Haiti, where ressources are scarce, time, effort and money savings withing your production or services delivery processes yields noticable improvements on your financial statements. Eliminating waste, seizing on the spot, opportunitie to improve and close productivity gaps require not only conceptual frameworks such as LEAN or Six Sigma and techniques but also a sound corporate culture along with behavioral competencies within you organization. Our team of economists, managers, and researchers will make availble resources and know-how to help you make Operational Excellence happen and sustain withing the corporate culture.

Business Management

Value creation is the ultimate goal of every organization. Expanding business and optimizing processes are effective ways to make this value creation possible. To achieve this, managers need relevant advices and information that guide sound decision making and enable adequate strategic thinking to take place. Leveraging its team’s valuable professional experience and relevant information collected and developed by its research department, CAMPEH commits to offering to its partners a competitive service, supported by sound dynamic strategic approaches. Our team works rigorously in order to identify business opportunities that relates to the various sectors of activities of Haitian firms.  Business Plan Setup, organizational diagnostics, counseling on management practices, design and implementation of relevant business are among the various areas of expertise in Business Management of CAMPEH’s Consulting Group.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Growing consumer empowerment forces enterprises, whether they operate in the manufacturing or the services sector, to continuously renew themselves by the means of innovation and moreover, continuously improve to stay competitive. In this respect, research for operational efficiency, for supply chain performance improvement have become a widespread practice, aiming to value creation fueled by the optimization of the utilization of resources. While the goal is clear, the methods employed to achieve such efficiency remain very diversified, from one firm to another one and rely overall, on the organizational culture. Hence, we rather focus on developing the mindset, a culture pertaining to the process of problem solving, articulated by rigorous methodologies such as the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act), the Kata, Toyota system (TPS) etc., as well as tools suitable to the client specific needs. Together, we acquire a holistic perspective on your enterprise and elaborate tools that drive efficiency at strategic, tactical and operational levels.