Centre d'Analyse, de Modélisation et de Prévision Économique d’Haïti

One Hour for Haiti is a movement and internet community, whose participants may, each month, during a maximum of one hour, share and post innovative ideas, knowledge, advices, tips along with teaching skills and techniques with the public in Haiti and all over the world. The goal of the movement is to promote the Haitian culture, unveil the real Haitian genius young minds and talents all over the world and thereby contribute to accelerate the knowledge accumulation and circulation to the benefit of the Haitian public. One Hour for Haiti is the ideal spot to meet the researcher, the professor, the teacher, the entrepreneur, the student, the professional in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, the international expert with field experience in Haiti, the authors, the Hollywood stars and celebrities who experienced and support Haiti by posting their Tubes and sharing time to educate, advise and promote Haiti.